Updating Galaxy Mini S5570 to ICS 4.0.4 using cwm (clockworkmod recovery) cyanogen mod 9 beta 7

Start off by installing ROM manager on your ROOTED phone. ROM manager (free version available) has the wonderfull option of installing the custom recovery enviroment wich is kinda like the bios settings on your PC. It does the same as the original recovery plus a lot of extra’s. The Galaxy S 2 even has touch recovery now, thats even better. Android ICS 4.0.3 CyanogenMOD 9 Beta 7 Howto show the hidden easteregg…(at about 14:25) This firmware is: (cm_tass-ota-eng.08042012) – Rooted – Has GAPS (Google Play Store) – Is hella smooth – Is Android ICS Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 ! – the only thing that doesnt seem 100% is the text under app icons being not completely visible If something is not OK or you prefer your old installation, restore the nandroid backup we made from cwm and everything will be like it was before. Antutu benchmark score: ram – 101 cpu int – (@710Mhz) 222 cpu float – 167 2d – 459 3d – 602 db io – 160 sd write – (class 10) 28 sd read – 81 TOTAL: 1820 ow yeah.. visit www.ohwzo.nl for a lot more tutorials and fun stuff for Android. (has Google translate flags) Changelog •New Adreno200 libraries for ICS •Fast and smooth system •Live Wallpapers working – won’t slowdown your system, like on Gingerbread! (I’m using Phase Beam, it’s beautiful) •Gallery and calculator fully working all the time •Gmail working without any problem •Browser working really good (smooth and fast) •All apps with graphic problems, like Poweramp, now working without any •Updated AOSP/CM9

How to install Clockworkmod on Galaxy Mini!

This is a 3 parts tutorial on how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Mini, install custom roms and Downgrade back to the Stock Rom Part 2: How to install Clockworkmod on Galaxy Mini! sammobile,com (please register 1st to download the firmware) www.sammobile.com (goto firmwares, select your device, region and download the firmware) password to S5570XXKPI ## is samfirmware.com (still the same) ODIN http ClockworkMod Recovery File tj_style www.mediafire.com

[ASUS Eee Pad Transformer] [Tutorial] install ClockworkMod Recovery + Custom ROOTED Rom (

Vietnamese here: bit.ly if you got problem with Rooting or Install ClockworkMod Recovery after install the latest, so this is the TUT for you: – Status before follow our TUT: ur using the firmware (pls update to if you want to follow this TUT), no ROOT, you need another laptop or PC connect to our tablet using the usb cable – Download file pc_suite here: bit.ly , unzip, install and wait for it auto download all the needed driver + software for your laptop, when done reboot your laptop. – Download the Android SDK here: bit.ly , unzip it, let’s say c:\SDK inside c:\SDK\Tools you can find the adb.exe so it’s good to go as my video – Via your laptop open the first cmd windows, type cmd @ run, then type c:\sdk\tools – If your can see some array of number after type “adb devices” (all the command pls copy and paste without “”) then your laptop connected to your tablet. – Download the BLOB_V5 here: bit.ly then extract all files inside to c:\sdk\tools 1 – back to the cmd window type: “adb push gingerbreakBB /data/local/” 2 – “adb shell” 3 – “chmod 777 /data/local/gingerbreakBB” 4 – “/data/local/gingerbreakBB” 5 – wait around 10′ if the gingerbreak return for you as the # (compare with the $ before) that mean it’s done. If it’s just return the $ so you must do as below 5a – “rm /data/local/*” 5b – power off the phone and then power on again, boot to Android repeat the step 1-4 again until you got the # (temporary root) 6 – Leave this cmd windows alone, open

how to root, install clockworkmod recovery, and install custon rom and kernal on an epic 4g part 2

READ EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND!!!!!!! all credit goes to the guys over at xda and sdx developers. these are basically in the order that they need to be done, you can skip the unrooter if your not rooted and skip which ever firmware update you don’t need. link for the unrooter firon.net link for the upgrade from dg27 to di07 www.sdx-downloads.com link for the upgrade from di07 to di18 www.mediafire.com link for the oneclick root 2.2.9 if you don’t want to use a custom kernel firon.net link for the phoenix kernel, newer 1.45 www.mediafire.com link for the epic experience Rom schizopunk.com link for the clockworkmod recovery www.sdx-downloads.com To install ClockworkMod Recovery without root access and install a kernel with root enabled 1. Find a kernel with root enabled. Phoenix and Fluffkernel are two that I know that fulfills this requirement. 2. Plug in phone to the computer. 3. Put the kernel zipfile on SD card. 4. Unplug phone from computer. 5. Turn on USB Debugging Mode. 6. Plug in the USB to the computer. 7. Run “run-try-last.bat” from the ClockworkMod Recovery files. 8. When the script from step 7 finishes, turn off phone. 9. While holding Volume Down + Camera, press the power button without letting go of any of the buttons. 10. If the recovery text is GREEN, congratulations! You have successfully replaced the stock recovery with ClockworkMod Recovery. GO TO 11. If you do not, the installer did not work for some reason. Restart phone and GO TO 5. 11. Install your