Grand theft Auto Vice City Stories Stunt Show PSP HQ [Cheatdevice + Multiplayer] Unfinished

Watch in HQ! Rate, Comment & Subscribe for more videos!!! Deutsch? Unten lesen! ————————————— English: ————————————— GTA VCS stunts with Cheatdevice made by me, theadultshocker. Sorry for it taking so long – my PSP sometimes crashes ;-( Please don’t copy this Video – it has been much work for me! The Song isPhil Collins Easy Lover For the Cheat Device by Edison Carter youll need a PSP with Custom Firmware (CFW), and im not gonna show you how to get it, use Google or Youtubes Search Engine. I have the 5.00m33-6 because i couldn’t donwgrade to 3.71m33 x. Download the Cheatdevice at: You need the US Version of VCS Use at your Own Risk^^ Download MP- Compartible Cheats: ————————————— Deutsch: ————————————— Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Stunts mit Cheatdevice von mir, theadultshocker2, gemacht Es hat länger gedauert, da sich meine PSP oft Aufgehängt hat ;-( Bitte dieses Video oder Teile davon nicht kopieren, da es viel Arbeit für mich war! Song: Phil Collins – Easy Lover Für das cheatdevice ( braucht eure PSP eine so genannte Custom Firmware (CFW), falls ihr keine habt, sucht einfach hier auf YouTube oder auf google. Ich verwende die 5.00m33-6, da ich nicht auf 3.71m33 x downgraden konnte. Cheatdevice Downloadlink: Benutzung von Cheatdevice auf eigene gefahr (es kann eigentlich gar nichts

Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories Cheat Device

I am Joshyboy from Google Video and Cheatsync people. I can assure you I didn’t steal this video. You are going to have to believe me on this one. This is a video I found on my computer, something I did ages back. Still interesting to watch, too. It’s a game for the PSP, and here I demonstrate the “Cheatdevice”, a cool gadget to activate many different hacks and cheats. Sony blocked it unless you have a custom firmware to play it again. Enjoy!

How to put gta vice city stories cheat device on your psp!

READ THIS! YOU WILL NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE! I AM RUNNING 3.90M33-3.YOU CAN USE ANY CUSTOM FIRMWARE FOR THIS. 3.71m33- users put this into the game text document that you made inside your seplugins folder: ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice371.prx I you have any other firmware put this into you game text document: ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice.prx Links!!!! cheat device link: winrar download link: Liked my vid! comment/message/rate/subscribe CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE!


Quick instructions How to fly and film video on your PSP: You NEED a custom firmware PSP, most likely 3.90 M33-2, download at: Then you need to install the program For VCS cheats (cheat device), it also lets you record your psp screen to your memory card in video format, download at

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