Sprint Samsung Instinct Flashed to Boost Mobile

We can flash your Sprint phone to Boost Mobile. Visit Why pay $70+ for cell phone service and then more for TAX? With Silver Spoon Cells, you can take any Sprint phone with a Clean ESN and use it on Boost Mobile’s $50 a month plan, including TAX! The $50 Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk, text and web. I can also upgrade all smart phones with the latest and greatest custom ROM which will make your phone run super FAST! Are you paying a cellular carrier for an internet card for your laptop $35 or more? Well, bring in your smart phone, and I can install an App for you that will make your phone a modem for your laptop, while your phone is plugged to your PC! I can even do this for you using BLUETOOTH, so your phone does not even need to be connected to the PC! WOW! See these vids I have online…… http I also do the following: *PC repair & upgrades *Repair broken phones & broken screens *Re-activation *Printer repair *Custom PC builds Why pay BEST BUY, COMPUSA, or any of the big boys $75+ just to LOOK at your PC, and then pay even more to fix it? That’s crazy!!!!!!!!!! Visit

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