So That’s What an Easy Transfer Cable Is…

Whenever you’re moving to a new computer, the migration instructions always tell you to backup your files and data or use an “easy transfer” cable instead. But if you’re like a lot of people, you may have wondered: “what the heck is an easy transfer cable?” To answer your question, it’s a dedicated cable designed just for moving data from one PC to the next. And yes, they do exist.

For example, Belkin has just released their new easy transfer cable designed specifically for Windows 7. Using this USB-based device, you simply plug one end into your old XP or Vista PC and the other into your new Windows 7 PC and via the cable your files, user accounts, and settings will get moved from one hard drive to the other. The process involves using Windows’ included Easy Transfer Wizard, which helps you identify the necessary items from your old PC which need to be moved. The cable is $39.99, but if you already have a spare external USB drive, you could use that instead during the migration (and for free, mind you).

However, if your only backup option is burning CDs, the cable will save you loads of time, that’s for sure. The choice is up to you.

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