Smart Ideas about Smartphones 4G App and Specs

We are now facing the paradigm shift in the technological advancement of our society. And we are so lucky that we belong to this generation where we witness the milestone of human success in terms of telecommunication technology.
Now, the 4G technology which brought enormous change and benefits to humanity has become and will become the foundation of the next generation’s technology.
As 4G technology is slowly reaching its adolescent stage. Let us review some of the best 4G applications that we need and we must enjoy in our smartphones. We must always review what are the expected 4G applications and its specs.
Let us start with the 1st three applications that utilize the 4G technology.
1. Live video streaming
Most of the smartphones nowadays are equipped with superb capabilities that match the speed and stability of the 4G network technology. Since it needs to adapt to the latest technology, cellphone makers install their phones with high definition video camera that can be used in live streaming of video. Now with this kind of applications installed in your smartphone, you can now turn your smartphone into a mini studio for broadcasting and movie making. One of the examples of this application is the Qik which allows you to instantly stream videos directly to synced media social sites that you registered to it.
2. Online Gaming
You might not be the type of person that would take videos to himself and share it to the social media sites, but I guess you are the gamer type who utilizes your smartphone as your gaming console. Most of the gamers nowadays are very particular with internet speed and mobility. They wanted to have a full control over their games as much as possible that they want to be mobile. This particular group of people is the special customers of both smartphone and the network companies because they are the great consumers of their services. Gaming applications with the utilization of the 4G internet connectivity is very famous to the gamers. It allows multiplayer gaming with just one phone as the router of other mobile gaming devices. With this, gaming will never be the same again.
3. Cloud seeding
The power of 4G network enables everybody to sync files in certain smartphone applications. This will provide a much secure and reliable file management. One of these applications is the Dropbox which allows users to view his files in different computers or smartphones.
Now let us look to the most important application that should be developed using the 4G technology.
4. Health emergencies smartphone applications
This would be the best application if built by developers. Using the 4G technology and its specs, these applications could be a great help for health professionals in the management of health concerns and ailments. People in the rural areas could utilize health services by the use of health related smartphone applications using VoIP technology via 4G network.
In urban areas where accidents often happen, emergency response team can easily respond to the accidents. With this, 4G technology is not only for business and socialization purposes but as well as in alleviating human suffering. For more 4G related information, take a trip to Broadband Expert for high speed internet advice.

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