Shopping for a Car? Try Bing’s Instant Answers

Another recent update to the Bing search engine involves the addition of auto-related instant answers. If you’re searching for a particular make and model of a vehicle, the search now returns a quick summary of the top info available on the car which displays at the top of the search results. This info includes things like the MSRP, fuel economy, and user rating. Links to the MSN autos site are also provided for things like specs, safety, reliability, and reviews. If you know you’re ready buy – or at least ready to go visit your dream car in real life – a link to local dealers and services is found below the instant answer along with links to listings on the MSN auto site.

I used this feature to check out the Volvo C30, the car we’re thinking of getting next year (and no, not because Edward drives one). This Volvo practically drives itself! But the 19 miles per gallon (city) displayed in the instant answer has me reconsidering. Maybe I such search for hybrids instead. Suggestions?

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