Shazam Debuts on Windows Mobile

One of the all-time most popular mobile applications, Shazam, is coming to the new Windows Mobile app store, known as the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Already available on other platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian devices, the Windows Mobile version of Shazam offers the same features users have come to know and love. That is, it helps to identify songs, artists, and albums just by having you hold the phone next to the source of the music being played – like your radio or computer speakers, for example. 

The Windows Mobile version of the application will be what’s called a “freemium” app. That means the free version will include all the basic features, but a premium version called Shazam Encore gives you more, including unlimited searches (aka “tagging”) and recommendations. It will also provide access to popularity charts, artist and band bios, discographies, and album reviews. The premium app will be available for a one-time fee of $4.69. New users can try Shazam Encore for free for 7 days and then they can choose to purchase or revert to the basic, free version.

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