Seesmic Look is a Beautiful New Twitter App for Windows Users

Seesmic just announced the launch of a new Twitter client called Seesmic Look at an event in NYC this week. This Windows-only desktop application is built using WPF and .NET technologies and is intended to provide a unique, beautiful, and easy-to-understand interface to Twitter for the “consumer” crowd…that is, those who aren’t power users.

Seesmic Look works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 computers including touchscreen computers like the new Windows 7 tablet devices. It can even be controlled by a remote on a computer-connected TV, reports TechCrunch.

The client software offers a number of features, including different visual modes and sections for following trends, interests, and channels. Real-time search lets you track what’s happening now and an Inbox feature lets you view, manage, and respond to your mentions and direct messages.

look inbox

The Timeline mode offers a more traditional stream of tweets while the unique “Look” mode, which gives the product its name, fades tweets in and out as they float across the screen.

look mode

You can also use the software to track trending topics that are hot now or you can review popular trends from the past day or week.

look trends

Since non-power users may have trouble knowing what to follow on Twitter (or how to do so!), Look offers an “Interests” section pre-populated with categories like News, Sports, Politics, and Celebrities. In the “Channels” section, select brands get their own dedicated area where they can show off their own themes and tweets. At launch time, Red Bull, the Huffington Post, Kodak, CNN Money and Ford have their own channels.

look channels

The application is now available for download from Seesmic’s website here. For more information about the software, check out The Windows Experience Blog’s interview with Seesmic founder, Loic Le Meur.

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