See What Apps Need an Update with CNET’s TechTracker

Here’s a handy little app that I just stumbled across thanks to MakeUseOf: CNET’s TechTracker. If you use a lot of desktop applications, you may have trouble keeping up with which programs are in need of an update. Not only do updates deliver critical bug fixes and security patches, they often deliver great new features and improvements, too. But keeping up with tons of apps – especially if they’re shareware or freeware programs – can be difficult. That’s where TechTracker comes in.

The application will automatically scan your computer for all installed software and determine whether or not it’s up-to-date. When it’s finished scanning, you can view the program updates you need and easily access the download link for the new version. Of course, this link directs you over to CNET’s own online repository of applications, but that’s fine with me – the executables there are just as good as any. 

TechTracker also features an alerts option which is off by default, but can be turned on to alert you when a software program has a new version available.

The TechTracker program is a free download from CNET and can be accessed from here.

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