Samsung unveils the NX10 hybrid DSLR camera

Samsung has come out all guns blazing on the first day of the Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, unveiling the innovative NX10 DSLR. The hybrid is set to raise the bar with its mirrorless interchangable lens system and all new DRIMe II Pro engine which combines high speed with precision contrast.

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The Korean manufacturer is touting the NX10 as the must have "next gen camera" and judging by the impressive specs, a great deal of effort has gone into making this the must have digital camera of 2010.

So what does the NX10 pack under the hood? It has a notable 14.6 MP APS-C size CMOS sensor, interchangeable lens and one of the fastest auto focuses in its class.

The large 3.0” AMOLED screen ensures viewing is not restricted by acute angles or bright light and is 10,000 times faster than traditional LCD screens. Impressively, the camera is also able to capture video in 720p, making it a solid all-round performer – and allowing those treasured memories to be relived again in glorious HD.

Together with extensive manual controls, the Smart Auto function mode automatically detects the surrounding environment of the shot and selects the right shoot mode. The NX10 is compact and lightweight – weighing just 353g before add ons allowing users to take high quality snaps effortlessly while on the move.


The NX10 is set to launch at the end of January with the price tag to be confirmed. It will be available in either Noble Black or Titan Silver and could be a future T3 office favourite.


Link: Samsung


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