Samsung Galaxy S Full Customization Guide (Part 3 of 3) [FIXED]

Update 2: Fixed the video – this now has the CFLagfix tutorial 🙂 Props to @Tweakingg for letting me know. Update 1: I think while editing the video, I accidentally snipped the CFLagfix tutorial. I’ll go edit the video now… Customizing your new Android phone, flashing new firmwares, custom roms, and custom patches may seem like a lot to swallow if you’re someone who’s new to the Android scene. This guide is going to walk through pretty much EVERYTHING you need to do to get from your brand new phone to a custom, rooted phone. Estimated time to complete? About an hour or so 🙂 Note: Firmwares & roms are for the international i9000 galaxy s…Captivate & Vibrant owners, try at your own risk. Setup ADB: Download Odin: New working link: Download .512 pit: New working link: Download Custom Firmware for ROOT (if you know how to root through a different method, feel free to skip this method): Download JM5 fimware for 2.1 (new link…The website’s in French, but the first “blue” hyperlink in the middle of the screen is the download link): ***Password: Download Samset 1.9d(e) custom ROM: Download CFLagfix: Headphone fix tutorial: Enjoy the Tutorial! Don’t forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe 🙂 You can also follow me Twitter for the latest tech news & updates: (yes, without the “n”)

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