Rovio Expects to Make $1 Million Per Month From Angry Birds Android Ads

In a recent interview with Google’s AdMob, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka said they expect to net about $1 million every month from the advertising supported Android version of Angry Birds. The free game has been downloaded 5-7 million times since it launched just over 1 month ago. That’s a lot of ads being served. On the iPhone, where Angry Birds started out, the app is a paid download with 12 million sales. 

Vesterbacka also dropped some juicy stats on us in his chat with AdMob. Rovio is seeing an 80% retention rate, meaning that 80% of users continue updating the app, as opposed to removing it. Vesterbacka says they take great notice of these sorts of figures. It was not Rovio’s intention to just make a “throwaway app” that they released and never updated. So they encourage users to keep playing by releasing updates.

Rovio is expected to offer Android users a payment option to remove the ads in the near future. We hope they continue being so forthcoming with their revenue when that is rolled out. Do you think they will continue seeing huge earnings from Angry Birds over time?



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