Ribbon Hero Updated: Now with More Points, Better Hints

Ribbon Hero, the Office add-in that makes learning to use Microsoft Office software a game, has just been updated to a new version. In the latest build, you have the opportunity to score more Quick Points by using the features found in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also score points by playing challenges twice – as long as you play the challenge on two separate days.

Based on user feedback, the hint system in Ribbon Hero has been revamped with updated wording that helps you find features faster. Hint images have been improved as well.

Finally, you can now comment on Facebook posts directly from the Ribbon Hero add-in and you’ll be notified when you earn achievements whether or not you’re logged into Facebook. There are more sound effects when this happens, too.

If you’ve never played Ribbon Hero (or challenged your friends), you can download and install the add-in now from here. It’s a lot more fun learning Office this way than having to page through some stuffy old manual, anyway. Even if you’re already comfortable with Office software, you can upgrade your skills by learning new, more advanced features with Ribbon Hero.

Curious as to how this whole “make Office a game” thing came about? Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the software posted here on Ch. 10  in January.

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