Revision3 Launches New Show, ‘DEATH BATTLE!’, From ScrewAttack Team

Featuring Battle-to-the-Death Matches Between Geek Pop Culture Icons

First Episode Pits Star Wars’ Boba Fett Against Metroid’s Samus Aran

SAN FRANCISCO, December 7, 2010 –Revision3, the leading Internet Television network, today announced the addition of DEATH BATTLE! to its network of more than 20 programs. The show, created by Ben Singer and executively produced by Craig Skistimas of ScrewAttack, places two or more characters from video games, cult movies, and pop culture in an all-out, no holds barred slugfest to the death.

New episodes will air every other Tuesday and will feature fictional hosts, Wiz and Boomstick, to guide viewers through each combatants’ arsenal and skill-set before the battle begins. Who will survive?  What weapons will be used?  How much blood will be spilled?  DEATH BATTLE! has the answers.

In the first episode, launched today, two of the most well known space bounty hunters, Star Wars legend Boba Fett and the First Lady of Video Games, Samus Aran, square off in an all out battle to the death using their unique powers and weaponry. Tune in to to find out who will reign supreme.

“We couldn’t be more happy to be working with ScrewAttack,” said Ryan Vance, vice president of programming and production, Revision3. “Craig and Ben, and their team, have created an extremely original and entertaining show.  We think DEATH BATTLE! is a perfect fit for Revision3 and we’re excited to bring the show to our viewers.”

Upcoming episodes will feature Akuma (Street Fighter) vs Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat) and Rogue (Marvel Comics) vs Wonder Woman (DC Comics).

“DEATH BATTLE! is a show that is all about kicking ass and we think people will be talking about what happens in each episode for a while,” said Craig Skistimas, Program Director of ScrewAttack.  “Ultimately we want people to be so entertained by DEATH BATTLE! that whatever they thought was entertaining before watching it will no longer bring them enjoyment.”

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