QuickFreedom (iPod Touch 2G FULL UNTEHTHERED JAILBREAK) Tutorial 720p

Do us a favour, donwload this – will love chu forever and will do more jb videos 😀 I NO LONGER SUPPORT THIS JAILBREAK, YOU SHOULD UPDATE THE THE NEW 3.0 FIRMWARE. IF YOU MESSAGE ME, COMMENT, OR TRY AND GET IN TOUCH WITH ME IN ANY OTHER WAY ABOUT THIS JAILBREAK, I WILL NOT REPLY 😀 Ttyl guys –CG **IMPORTANT PLEASE READ ME** ALL VISTA USERS ALSO SHOULD RUN QUICKFREEDOM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR, OR YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUMEROUS ERRORS!! FOR VISTA USERS ONLY, LIBUSB MUST BE INSTALLED IN COMPATABILITY MODE FOR WINDOWS XP SP2, OR YOU WILL BREAK YOUR VISTA INSTALL!! GUIDE HERE: ********************************* ITUNES 1604 AND 1601 FIX DURING RESTORE LOCATED HERE (MAY ONLY WORK FOR THOSE USING QUICKFREEDOM AS ADMIN): ********************************* MAC USERS GUI IS LOCATED HERE, NO VIDEO TUTORIAL AVALIBLE IM AFRAID: ********************************* A full tutorial on how to use QuickFreedom to jailbreak your iPod touch 2G untethered, links below, enjoy the HD!!! Quick Freedom: iPod Firmware: (DOWNLOAD IPOD TOCUH 2G 2.2.1 FIRMWARE IF YOU GET 1604 ERROR OR CUSTOM FIRMWARE ERRORS, GAURENTEED TO BE CORRECT UNALTERED FIRMWARES) Thread: ******************** QuickFreedom INFO: This GUI allows you to FULLY UNTETHER jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G. It requires a FULL jailbreak, so backup your iPod touchs info within iTunes first and proceed with jailbreaking, you will

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