Questions about Windows 7? Ask @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter

Yes, it’s official. @MicrosoftHelps is in fact a real Microsoft-owned Twitter account for Microsoft Customer Service. Recently launched but given little fanfare, several bloggers and Twitter users were questioning whether or not this account was genuine and, if so, what kind of questions it was designed to help out with. Now we have the answers.

The primary purpose for the @MicrosoftHelps account is to help you find the resources you need for Microsoft products and services. At launch time, the initial scope will focus solely on Windows 7. It will also be an English-only resource for now.

Before launching the account, the company spoke with members from Best Buy’s social media team in order to learn from their experience with their own @twelpforce account, a Best Buy service where users can ask questions about the hardware, software, and services Best Buy provides. While similar in spirit to @twelpforce, the @MicrosoftHelps account is different because it will only focus on Microsoft products and services and initially only Windows 7. Also, the company says they don’t anticipate being able to respond to each and every question they receive.

However, the team behind the account will be providing answers to customer questions about Windows 7 and if those questions are of a complex nature, they will direct those asking to the appropriate forums where in-house experts and Microsoft MVPs will be able to help.

The company’s goal with the new account is to help respond to and engage with customers on the platform where so many are now choosing to participate, Twitter. Microsoft has seen a lot of people tweeting about Microsoft products and services – both good and bad – and wanted to provide a resource where customers could get easy, accurate answers. They hope that by doing so, they’ll be able to improve customers’ experience with the company by providing support, information, and even product updates if needed. 

Although initially the focus is on Windows 7, we’re told that Microsoft will “continue to assess the value” of using Twitter in this way going forward. Hopefully that means they’ll expand their scope beyond OS questions in the future.

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