PSP Revolution v0.3

All you custom firmware owners should get PSP Revolution v0.3 or newer when they are released. It works only on custom firmwares. PSPR’s like Stepmania or Dance Dance Revolution but for PSP, all the songs work like in Stepmania or DDR but the videos won’t work as far as I know. In this video I demonstrate you how it works. Now I have 5.00 M33-6 with 1.50 Kernel addon and it works just fine. For Slim, there’s a 1.0 eboot included, so it should work. A patch has been made for 5.50 GEN D3: Song is: Mami Kawada – Hishoku no Sora (aka Shakugan no Shana 1st OP) Download: Someone also wanted the whole “Anime Mix” folder so here you go: And “Game Mix” folder: The name of the song that plays at the start up menu is “Maybe” by Toby & Freda. (Thanks to chistophersaylor for pointing this out) There’re plenty of songs in many sites, here’s a great source for finding them: Some of the songs shown in this video were downloaded from: I made the banners myself except the Dancing Wipeout one that came with PSPR pack below. Some of the songs were just dl’ed from previous link. Oh yeah I sucked HARD when I made this video. PSP Revolution v0.3: PSP Revolution v0.3a Patch: Fate/Sword Dance Wallpaper: (in the beginning of vid) For more information, please visit: (PSP-R Homepage) en

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