Pocket Bingo

The superbly addictive and engaging, the very real and 100% functional UK version of Bingo for the iPhone and iTouch is here! Referred to as Housie, Housey Housey or Tambola in different parts of the world, this iPhone and iPod game is ideal for carrying around in your pocket and whipping out to play a fast paced and exciting game of UK Bingo anytime. Anywhere. Comes powered with a realistic and intuitive interface and a host of configuration options to provide the perfect Bingo experience that you’re looking for!

For the uninitiated, the objective of the game is to ‘daub’ or strike out numbers on your bingo card as they are randomly called to complete pre-determined Bingo patterns. Call ‘bingo’ upon completion of a designated pattern and win your prize! It’s that simple!

Play with one or two tickets and against multiple virtual players at varying difficulty levels. Perfect for family and individual fun, horsing around at work or for casual gamers looking for an interactive and real UK Bingo experience.

– 3×9, 15 number Bingo tickets. Play with 1 or 2 tickets to your heart’s content.

– Demo mode to get you started with the game.

– Depending on the difficulty chosen, number calling at different intervals ranging from 3-5 seconds. Variable number of virtual opponents makes it twice as more exciting.

– Keep track of your game session summary through ‘View History’ option.
– Visual and Audio based Random number caller with visual clues indicating game progress.

– Turn ’stealth’ by turning off the audio clues with the flick of a switch right from the game screen.

– Pause the game when you want to take a break. The game screen indicates paused status so you’re in control at all times.

– Get instant access to a detailed Help and FAQ section directly from the game screen.

– View the caller board in case you need additional help or just want to check where you went wrong! (Yeah! we let you cheat but know you wont!)

– Well laid out user interface with a host of game information at your finger tips.

– Virtual Cash, Cash won in current game and Game timer displayed prominently to help you keep track of time and money.

– Randomly Called Number – swivels and displays big and bold. You can’t miss it!

– Last 5 called numbers for a hint in case you missed daubing a called number (we’re nice guys and want to help you win!)

– Get real time IM updates in your chat window as your game status changes. Get instant information and get alerted when your opponents are nearing a Bingo pattern.

– Exciting and fun visual and audio clues when you daub wrongly! Try ‘Jumping the Gun’; we’re sure you’d love the ‘INVALID’ ticket stamp!

– End Game summary to show you how you fared against your well heeled adversaries who are veterans and totally adept at stealing your thunder right from under your nose!

Now the best part! Pocket Bingo – the super addictive and challenging game with superbly realistic UK Bingo user interface and chances of winning is available on the App Store for an introductory price of $0.99 for a limited period only! So Hurry while tickets last!

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