Playing GTA IV on PSP using PSPdisp

READ THIS BEFORE POSTING COMMENTS: PSPdisp is homebrew [created by pointerofinterest] that displays the pc monitor on the psp and maps the keyboard and mouse to the psp’s controls via wifi (useful when you’re in the can) or usb. Also it turns the PSP into a 2nd monitor for non-gaming purposes. Running this requires your PSP to have custom firmware and a PC with the game installed. Make sure your PC can handle the game well before using it, or any other game you like. Download the homebrew here, currently at v0.6: Below are some Control Files that tell the PSP which buttons to press on the keyboard and mouse: Control file: GTA IV – Control file: Left4Dead – Control file: Half-Life 2 – (no flashlight, not enough buttons for it) I was using Fraps to monitor the framerate. I have Fraps open in all my games. It’s not a video on my psp! If you think otherwise, I don’t care. Press the Back button and find something else to watch. My PC and WiFi connection at the time I made this video were slow-ish, so there is much lag. I’ve upgraded my PC and now GTA IV runs nicely. Sadly I don’t have a PSP anymore. Someone stepped on it and broke the screen. 🙁 ————————- Music: 1) Kalmah – Swamphell 2) Children Of Bodom – We’re Not Gonna Fall

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