People Are A Bit Underwhelmed Over 3-D TV


I’m not one of the many that’s fascinated by 3-D movies and actually I truthfully avoid most movies that I hear are going to be presented in only 3-D.   Which makes the fact that I’m not even going to bother with getting 3-D TV far from surprising.  However, I was a little surprised that one study reported that I am far from being the only one that’s not thrilled over 3-D TV.  It’s not necessarily that they don’t like watching 3-D, but more because they didn’t like the technology it requires.

Nielsen did a study that focuses on the 3D TV experience and got 425 people involved.  They were all given glasses and asked to watch 30 minutes of 3-D television.  Half of them complained that the glasses themselves were just uncomfortable.  A hefty 89% complained that they make it hard to multitask, which is annoying for those of us that like to do other things while watching TV.  Then to finish it off they weren’t happy over the multiple 3D technologies.  If you take your Sony glasses over to watch your friend’s 3-D Samsung TV it won’t work.  All around it sounds like if they don’t start working out some issues people are going to get fed up and just not bother with 3D TV.  Then again more than half of the people involved with the study were impressed by the quality of 3-D images.

Source: Switched

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