part 1 of 4 how to root your g1 and install cyanogens custom rom 4.1.99 part 1

i would appreciate feedback. (positive) comments questions. HOW-TO-root your g1 1.Plug in your usb cable and mount the g1 too your computer. 2. while it is mounted. download these files recovery image- put these on your ROOT i repeat ROOT of your sd card just drag them to whatever drive your g1 is mounted too. (example:mine is j:/ so in my instance take those files and drag them onto the drive icon) 3.unmount Linda File Manager from the market place!. 5.after it has installed located flashrec. on your SD card click on it. and it should ask to use linda or package installer by default choose PACKAGE INSTALLER install it. (of course lol) flash recovery application and click backup image (if it doesnt work click download first then backup) 7. if the box is not blank in flashrec. after step 6 then erase everything and put “/sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img” without quotations (of course) click on flash image or whatever option is on the top box 8. reboot in recovery mode (turn off phone and instead of pressing just power(end call) hold HOME+ENDCALL UNTIL i repeat UNTIl you see the recovery screen (should be black) HOW-TO-install a ROM (using cyanogen Go To. you are to download the recovery img for 1.6 download that put it somewere safe. now go to save that file somewere (IMPORTANT! this is the rom!) 1.mount your usb as usual the recovery img (should be in a zip

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