Pandora’s Battery SUPER EASY With LINK

***READ DESCRIPTION before trying anything The easiest way to make Pandora’s battery guaranteed. ***You must Have A CFW or 1.50 (original), a FAT PSP and a FAT PSP Battery to complete this. *** Tell everyone that will find this useful to watch it!! Megaupload Link: If you have 5.00M33 or higher go here- **Note** I’m Not Responsible For Any Possible Bricking That Might Happen. ***FAQ 1)Q: Does this work with the slim? A: NO. Only with phat a PSP. 2)Q: What is CFW? A: CFW (Custom Firmware) is a custom operating system made just for the PSP. Chances are, if you don’t know what it is, you probobly don’t have it. 3)Q: How can I check if I have CFW? A: Go to your PSP’s “Settings”, then to “System Settings”, and lastly to System Information.” If you don’t have CFW it will say ‘System Software X.XX’ (X= A Number). If you do have CFW it will say ‘System Software X.XXM33 or X.XX OE. 4)Q: Can I make a Pandora’s Battery into a normal one again? A: Yes. Only if you have CFW. Watch the video at 5:07 it’s all there. 5)Q: IF I MAKE A PANDORA BATTERY CAN I DOWNLOAD FULL GAMES & PLAY THEM? A: Yes! ***Rated best “Helpful Video” on cheatingthesystem21’s 21st anniversary video.

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