Lenovo K6 Note with 4GB RAM launched in India at Rs 15,499

Lenovo India on Wednesday launched its Note series “Lenovo K6 Note” in two variants for the Indian consumers.

The first variant (32GB with 3GB RAM) is priced at Rs 13,999 while 64GB with 4GB RAM model is priced at Rs 15,499, along with expandable capacity up to 128GB with microSD card support.

The 5.5-inches full HD display device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor with 4G LTE connectivity. It also sports 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera.

Ringing Bells: the Company behind Freedom 251 shuts down 

Ringing Bells, the Noida-based company that got instant fame after launching a Rs. 251 smartphone, at the beginning of the year, happens to have ended its operations quietly.

A report by TeleAnalysis points out that the new company is named MDM Electronics Private Limited that will include Mohit Goel as the MD, Ashok Chaddha as the President of the company and Shashank Goel, who was also the part of the old company. Ashok Chaddha was also the face of Ringing Bells as well as the official spokesperson.


Source: Ringing Bells: the Company behind Freedom 251 shuts down | Gizmodo India

Nokia D1C Price leaked. Price in India & for other markets

Nokia D1C is going to be one of the first Nokia Android Phones to be launched as per this tip. It will be revealed to the world at MWC 2017. Again as claimed in another interview, Nokia Android Phones should be available very soon post their launch.

  • Nokia D1C leaked Specs:
  • 1.4 GHz Snapdragon 430 Processor
  • Adreno 505 GPU
  • 2 / 3 GB RAM
  • Android Nougat 7.0
  • 5 / 5.5-inch, 1080p display
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • 13 /16 MP Rear camera
  • 8 MP FFC

Source: Nokia D1C Price leaked. Price in India & for other markets

Legion hackers – Interview with The Washington Post


A group that calls itself “Legion” promises more, and bigger, data dumps.

According to the interaction by Washington Post’s Max Bearak, the hacking group was not after these specific high-profile targets with a hitlist, instead it was the other way around. The group reportedly got hold of several terabytes of raw data categorised by “interests” within which they got hold of gigabytes of data pertaining to Indian public figures. In short, it was the available data that helped them choose whom to target first.

The current objective was to was to dump classified data into public domain. The data which instigated the Legion to these hacks apparently came from what remains to be an unknown source. And it was quite a big dump with access to over 40k+ servers in India. It was so immense that the hacker group even built a tool to sift through them.

Source: The man hacking India’s rich and powerful talks motives, music, drugs and next targets – The Washington Post

Vodafone offers free voice calling across India


Under the new plan, Vodafone is offering unlimited calling for recharges above Rs 144 and free roaming on Vodafone network and 50 MB free data and for those above Rs 344 unlimited free calls and free roaming on all mobiles network and 300 MB free data for 4G handset users and 1 GB data for 4G handset users.The company said these plans are available for all 2G, 3G and 4G customers with a validity of 28 days.


Amount (Rs.) Unlimited calling within network Unlimited calling to all networks Free data
Airtel 145 Y N 300MB
345 Y Y 1GB
Vodafone 144-149 Y Y 300MB
344-349 Y Y 1GB
Idea 148 Y N 300MB
350 Y Y 1GB
Reliance Communications 149 Y Y 300MB

Excel formula: Get percentage discount

percentage discount

If you have a discounted price and an original price, and you want to know the discount as a percentage, you can calculate the percentage discount using a formula that divides the discounted price by the original price and then subtracts the result from one.

Generic formula
= 1 - (discount_price / original_price)

How the formula works In the example?

Excel first divides the discounted price by the original price in to get value, which is then subtracted from 1: =1-(59.5/70) =1-0.85 =0.15

Note that the result is a decimal version of the percent, and must be formatted using the Percentage number format in Excel to display as a percentage.

Gooligan, Google Malware


Check Point reported at least 86 apps have been found to have traces of Gooligan, most of which appear legitimate and have been given artificially high ratings in the app store.

Once one of the infected apps is installed onto a user’s device, either from an app store or by clicking a malicious link, it begins collecting data about the device and reporting it to a command and control server—a centralized computer that issues commands to and receives reports from devices.

How to check / know if your account is hacked?

Check Point recommended in a blog post that people who suspect their devices may have been compromised (seen unusual pop-up ads on your phone lately?) should check to see whether their account has been breached by entering their email addresses at the following website: https://gooligan.checkpoint.com/.


Congress Twitter handle @INCIndia hacked

The official Twitter account of Indian National Congress was found to be hacked on Thursday, hours after party vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s verified twitter account was hacked.

inc-india-hacked-3 inc-congress-hacked-cropped inc-india-hacked-cropped-2
Twitter explodes with jokes

How to Block lifehacĸer.com and o-o-8-o-o.com Google Analytics Referral Spam


A Russian referrer spammer has registered various domains that use special figures – with those special figures the spammer is able to register domains like lifehacĸer.com and  hxxp://o-o-8-o-o.com/

The spammer uses the following URLs in the spam run (this is just a small portion):

  • hxxp://o-o-8-o-o.com/
  • hxxp://lifehacĸer.com/new-revolutionary-shell-from-lifehacĸer.com/

If you want to filter the spam run from your analytics data, then simply use the following steps:


Create an Exclude Filter

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab> Cick Filters on the right side in the VIEW section.

2. Click the + ADD FILTER button to create a new exclude filter.

3. Add lifehacĸer.com or something you can easily remember as the Filter Name.

4. Select the Custom Filter Type.

5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add lifehacĸer.com and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the webpage. To add multiple URLs to the same filter you can make a Filter Pattern similar to this with a | between each URL: Example.com | Example\.com | lifehacĸer.com | o-o-8-o-o.com



How to block Lifehacĸer.com referrer spam using your .htaccess file?

If you are aware of a way to access your .htaccess file, you will just have to write the code below in there…


RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} Lifehacĸer.com [NC,OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} Lifehacĸer.com

RewriteRule .* – [F]