OLED wallpaper could replace lightbulbs by 2012

UK households could wave goodbye to the lightbulb as soon as two years time, with the introduction of OLED wallpaper into homes according to a company who is currently developing the technology.


Lomox Limited, based in North Wales believes OLED could help reduce energy consumption by 60% over that used by existing light sources.


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The firm has been given the backing of the Carbon Trust to the tune of £454,000 to help bring the OLED technology to life. The money will help towards lowering production costs of OLED panels while increasing both the efficiency and size of the panels.


As well as light-emitting wallpaper, Lomox plans to make flexible screens that can be taken into meetings and rolled up after use, and outdoor lighting.


"Lighting is a major producer of carbon emissions" said Mark Williamson, Director of Innovations at the Carbon Trust. "This technology has the potential to produce ultra-efficient lighting for a wide range of applications, tapping into a huge global market."


Lomox Limited hopes to bring OLED lighting to the market as soon as this year, with OLED wallpaper set to adorn homes across the country by 2012.


Link: Tech Radar


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