No Supporting Custom XML Feature in Microsoft Office 2007, Starting Jan 11, 2010

A $290 million judgment has been finally issued to against Microsoft that an injunction is set to go into effect Jan 11, 2010 that Microsoft either issues new versions or stop selling infringing copies of Microsoft 2007, Word more specifically.

So what is this going to impact to those as Office 2007 users? Fortunately, not so much from what I can see.

First of all, the injunction doesn’t affect those copies sold prior to Jan 11, 2007. So no changes are needed to those who already use Office 2007.

Secondly, Microsoft has already released a new supplement requirement for Office 2007 that becomes a required mandatory patch in US.

After this patch is installed, Word will no longer read the Custom XML elements contained within DOCX, DOCM, or XML files. These files will continue to open, but any Custom XML elements will be removed.

It simply means that Office 2007 will still sell as long as the sale copies include this supplement.

Lastly, Microsoft also states that the next version of 2010 will not include this custom XML in its final releases.

So, other than a cost $290M on Microsoft to i4i, a Toronto based Canadian software company, there are not much things that have changed.

Besides, for those who don’t know what this Custom XML does,

The ability to handle custom XML markup is typically used in association with automated server based processing of Word documents. Custom XML is not typically used by most end users of Word.

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