News@8pm: Playstation Phone and Android 3.0

We started today with official word that Google Android 2.3 will launch in the next few weeks. The next iteration of the mobile OS will precede the release of the more tablet friendly Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which was spotted today being demoed on demoed on a prototype Motorola tablet. The same 2.3 update that’ll allow that also seems to have blown the lid off the much-rumoured Playstation phone, with lines in its code confirming the device’s existence.

This was alongside news that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has finally had the nod from Android 2.2 FroYo, which is good news for those to whom the talk of 3.0 is a long way off. Speaking of updates, that same Moto demo was where the world first caught a glimpse of the new Google Maps for Mobile, which has bestowed 3D maps to over 100 cities worldwide. The Google news continued, as it was revealed that the its online book store had its official unveiling.

App of the Day | Angry Birds HD for iPad
The iPhone game causing a stir around the world has gone big, and gone HD on iPad
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Hungry for some Apple stories? Word on the street is that the iPad 2 will start shipping in February, with an April launch scheduled. Further reports today revealed just how successful the iPad has been, showing that Apple’s global market share has significantly spiked. Not a full-blown tablet fan? How about the new Asus DR900 e-reader? It’s available as of today. Likewise, if you’re a gamer, how does a £300 GT5 wheel sound?

And Lastly… Today saw the launch of the Flowd app for iPhone, which looks to connect fans and musicians like never before. Don’t forget: you can win free Android apps every day in the run up until Christmas thanks to the festive, free and properly fun T3 Appvent Calendar. That’s all until tomorrow; keep watching the skies. …Or


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