[email protected]: iPad 2 release and Kelly Brook game lands

Apple’s iPad 2 has been expected to be announced for a number of weeks now with the second-generation tablet now believed to be launching in the coming weeks after the original iPad underwent a number of price cuts. An Apple service not lowering its price, however, is the new in-app purchases that has seen Apple come under attack from regulators who are now looking into the company’s 30 per cent take of all sales.


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Kelly Brook models for a number of leading tech companies and now the super sexy Brit has landed in a video game as the face of Lynx deodorant. Not nearly as attractive but more powerful, Lady Gaga has officially broken Apple’s iTunes one million download records and looks set to capitalise on Google’s intended celebrity YouTube channels that has earmarked $100 million for the use of 20 high profile celebs.


Apple’s MacBook Pro is scheduled for a revamp and that revamp now looks to have been dated with the leading laptop range reported set to be unveiled and hit stores this Thursday, February 24th. Elsewhere on the Apple rumour front and the Cupertino tech giant is claimed to be working on Apple-branded fully-blown television sets following a job listing which appeared on the company’s site.


London’s Underground network is readying itself for the long-awaited introduction of mobile phone coverage after Chinese firm Huawei announced it would front the £50 million bill to implement the system. More upcoming tech news will see Motorola’s Xoom tablet launch in the US this Thursday but without Flash compatibility that is disappointingly being held off until later this year with a Spring 2011 arrival pegged. Check out the T3 hands-on video of the Motorola Xoom below.


Motorola Xoom tablet hands-on
Via: Motorola Xoom review | Source: T3 Tech Video


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