News@8: HTC HD7 to be unveiled and Nokia N9

Samsung Galaxy Tab makes second UK debut: UK mobile network Three has confirmed that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This will make it the second UK network to announce they’ll be selling the tablet after Vodafone leaked that it would also be offering contracts for the Galaxy Tab. If that doesn’t float your boat that perhaps this will, you can no get the HTC Desire for £20 per month from the previously mentioned Three network. Finally sources have stated that the Nokia N9 will not be making an appearence at Nokia World in London next week.


Apple iPods unboxed: T3 has been getting its grubby mits on the new range of Apple iPods and you can have a gander at each of them and find out just how they fare. First up is the iPod Nano now in it’s 6th incarnation it offers a 1.7" touchscreen with multitouch and a clip on the back for easy wearing. Secondly is the iPod Shuffle which sees the return of the much loved buttons and ditches the stupidly small size in favour of practicality. Finally we have the brand new iPod Touch which in it’s 4th generation now sports the same retina-display seen on the iPhone 4 and front and rear-facing cameras.


Kindle to become a gaming platform? It appears as though Amazon could well be adding gaming to the Kindle after it was revealed that Microsoft’s Director of Game Platform Strategy Andre Vrignaud has moved over to Amazon. For those of you that like your gaming on consoles and with a plastic guitar in your hand you can now play a demo of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on Xbox Live.


HTC HD7 to to be announced next week: The tech gossip has been flying fast this week and at the top has to be the confirmation that the HTC HD7 will be making its debut appearence at the super secretive HTC event happening 15 September in London. Sources have also stated that alongside the HD7 HTC will be planning on bringing out a tablet and the HTC Desire HD, sequel to the hugely successful HTC Desire. Finally for tonight: videos have surfaced of the BlackBerry 9760 ‘Oxford’ showing not only the UI but the outer screen and the functions that can be carried out on it.



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