New Version of Windows Live for Windows Phones

On what seemed to be a previously defunct blog (last update 9 months ago!), the Windows Live for Windows Mobile team recently surprised us all with a new blog post. According to the site, there’s now an updated version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile now available for mobile users.

The updated version includes a lot of new features, such as the Windows Live Home page, a page where you can view your “What’s New” feed from the Windows Live service to see what your friends are doing, view Windows Live photos and comment on them, view Windows Live People, update your status, and more. You can also upload photos right from your phone to Windows Live Photos and other 3rd party sites thanks to the new integration with the My Phone client.

Other improvements to the mobile service include a new launcher screen, Bing search integration, touch improvements, abuse reporting, automatic uninstall of older versions, virtual memory improvement, and reduced installation file sizes.

To get started using the new Windows Live for Windows Phones you can visit using your phone’s browser.

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