New Bing Updates: Autosuggest, Silverlight, Local Events and More!

As appears to be the pattern with Bing lately, the service has just released another slew of updates that deliver new features to the increasingly popular search engine. These updates include new and improved features like autosuggest, local events, and destination maps as well as other updates to Bing Maps.

The autosuggest feature, which suggests words and phrases as you type into Bing’s search box, has been improved to include breaking news and trending topics for more timely information on events occurring now. Although not quite real-time – the feature is updated every 15 minutes – you’re still able to access the most recent news faster than ever before.

bing autosuggest

Bing Maps has added a new “mapplication” (apps that layer on to of the Bing Maps service) called “Local Events.” This new app lets you search for local events happening in your area and displays them to you as items pinned to the map. You filter the events displayed by date range or event type. When you find an event you like, you can quickly get directions, share the event info, or save the event to your “Saved Places,” too.

bing local events

The Destination Maps feature is another new Bing Maps application that lets you create maps for those attending your event, whether that’s a large conference or a small house party. Using a selection tool, you outline the area with a box to encompass all the areas people are coming from. This box is saved as your Destination Map and is available for sharing. You can even pick from different map styles like Sketchy, European, American, or Treasure (pictured below).

destination maps bing

Finally, the Bing Maps Silverlight site is leaving beta and becoming the default version for Bing Maps. Over the coming weeks, U.S. visitors with Silverlight already installed will be redirected to the Silverlight site. The change will be rolled out to a small percentage of users at first increasing to 100% “in a few weeks” notes the blog post.

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