Myallo HotList

Who’s the hottest person you know? Where’s the hottest place to go? Where’s everyone hanging out right now? Myallo HotList shows who’s hot and where, moment by moment, in a way no other app can!

Add your friends and favorite places, and set a “Basic Hotness” for each. HotList continually computes a “Current Hotness” based on your setting, their proximity to you and to each other, their relevance to things you specify, and other factors.

Is everyone gathering at the Mall? That makes the Mall hotter. Is Joe in town? That makes him hotter. Or is he hanging out with that not-so-hot person – that cools him down.

HotList knows your location and optionally sends it to Twitter. It also tracks your friends locations, if they sent theirs to Twitter. As you and they move about, hotness is recalculated and people and places bubble up and down the list dynamically.

If friends gather together, they get hotter. If they go to a hot place, they get hotter and so does the place. Know what’s hot right now, at a glance!

See the locations of people and places as “blips” on the HotList Radar map. Blips move as they and you do. Check their distance and direction, invoke the Maps app for directions from your location to theirs at a touch. See their latest Twitter status message. Have the Radar automatically show the current hottest person or place.

HotList can also automatically discover additional hot Places via Yelp. Nearby places are optionally added to the list, and hotness is calculated based on proximity, online reviews people have written on, and other factors. As you move about, distant places disappear and new nearby ones are discovered.

Also, enter Things (topics) and your level of interest in them, and HotList will consider it when calculating hotness. For example, if you add a Thing for “Great” and another for “Italian”, and reviews of a Place mention “Great Italian food”, the hotness of that place will rise.

See what’s hot and where, moment by moment, with Myallo HotList!

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