Mozy Another Place To Store Your Data In The Cloud [2GB FREE]

Heading to the new year 2010, a new decade. A new era of cloud computing, more and more data are being stored in the cloud, more storage are available. By now you’ve probably heard Microsoft’s Skydrive which offers you 25GB free storage (with limited file size and number) and the popular drop box with 2GB free storage. You’ve also probably heard about the new Google Chrome OS that Google is planning for this year targeting the ever hot new netbook market. One of their key feature of the new OS is it will store all the data to their server. This is the trend of cloud computing.

mozy With that said, Mozy is another site that offers data storage backup. Sign up a free account you will get 2GB free storage just like what you get from Dropbox.

You will also need to install their software to upload/sync the data.

Mozy is also the second most popular service featured in lifehacker of the top 5 online backup tools

Signup a free account now try out the 2GB free storage

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