Motorola Droid – How to ROOT 2.1 firmware!

Youtube! Okay here is your step by step guide to getting your Droid 2.1 rooted and ready for all those custom ROMs again. Essentially this will take your phone back to 2.0.1 firmware so that you can ROOT your droid like originally. There is no true ROOT for 2.1 firmware. YET =P !!!!!!!!! WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!!!!!!!!! If you mess up using this tool your phone WILL be bricked and will not be able to be fixed at all. Under NO circumstance am I responsible for the actions you choose to do to your phone. If your phone is bricked you will have to do a warranty exchange at the Verizon store if they let you. This is simply a guide. This tool used can brick your phone very easily if you do NOT know what youre doing. For experienced users ONLY! I will NOT offer any support or service to ANYONE that miss uses this guide or does it wrong. ~THIS GUIDE IS FOR EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY~ Step 1 READ THE DAMN STEPS and WARNING LABLES!!!!!!!!! READ ALL STEPS BEFORE ATTEMPTING. ONLY ATTEMPT IF YOU ARE 100% CONFIDENT YOU CAN DO THIS! This process will completely take around 30 minutes. The video cuts out most of the down time. Step 2 Follow this online guide for extra help! Step 3 Download all these files (WinXP/Vista 64bit users ONLY) (WinXP/Vista 32bit users ONLY) (DMupdater, Transfer this file to your SDcard) Step 4 Install the RSDLite4.6.msi file to your computer

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