Motorola Droid – How to install APK files on your Droid!

PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ – PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER – This is not in any way shape or form a way to download free apps from the market. Okay YouTube, here we have our latest video describing a very easy way to install custom APK files to your droid. As stated in my video an APK file is essentially a program or application for your phone. The reason why I am showing a tutorial on this is because if you plan on rooting your device, and have custom roms installed, a lot of the developers attach certain applications or custom settings in to the rom in the form of an APK file. Yes you can find paid applications from the internet to install this way but its pointless because you will never be able to update it via the market. So just follow these steps and you will be on your way, first Step 1 Download EoEInstaller from the market Step 2 Download all of these files, this is the old version of beautiful widgets, and the HTC keyboard, and a lock screen if your feeling brave and wanna install it on your own =D Step 3 Once you have these items downloaded and saved to your DESKTOP then what your going to wanna do is extract the file and save the 3 files to your desktop. Step 4 Mount your USB on your phone, go to the root of your SD card and transfer the files over, all 3 of the keyboard files, the widget apk, and the lock screen apk

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