Mophie credit card scanner coming to the iPhone

Mophie, maker of the Juice Pack Air and other popular iPhone accessories is set to enter new add-on ground with its own credit card reader and third party application.


The special case which works in conjunction with an accompanying iPhone app will allow owners of the Apple smartphone to make credit card payments by swiping their card through the attachment.


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It’s unclear how the technology will work exactly, especially as the iPhone API currently doesn’t allow credit card information to be scanned directly into the Safari browser to shop online.


It won’t be the only card reader available for the iPhone – Square, set up by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and currently in private beta, offers a similar device which allows iPhone and Android users to accept payments. Square says its service will be made available for public use in "early 2010."


Mophie’s credit card reader will be officially unveiled at CES later this month, and T3 will be in Las Vegas to get a closer look at the card-swiping contraption.


Link: Tech Radar


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