Microsoft to follow Project Natal with muscle-based controller?

Project Natal could be just the tip of the interactive gaming iceberg for Microsoft after the company filed a patent for a series of control systems based around muscle movement.


The technology known as Electromyography, involves using the electrical activity produced by muscles which is then translated into instructions to control your computer.


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Electromyography is already being used in military research which allows pilots to control a plane via muscle-based gestures.


While Microsoft could use the technology for a variety of computer-related purposes, gaming looks the most likely place it could be utilized taking the motion-sensing hardware used for Project Natal one step further.


The components used to give increased interactivity would be applied to the forearm, or more areas of the body such as the head, chest, arms and legs to give the gamer full body contol.


Project Natal does not launch until later this year, but it seems Microsoft is already looking to the next step in interactive gaming. Here’s hoping it’s a little more memorable than the Atari MindLink though.


Watch the video below to see the muscle-based control system in action with Guitar Hero, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


Link: Boy Genius Report



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