Microsoft Sued Over Zune “Buy from FM” Service

Zune HD 

Microsoft is no stranger to lawsuits, but the most recent case to cross the legal desk in Redmond has me wondering if they even bother to check their mail anymore. A new patent infringement case has been filed in a Wisconsin U.S. District Court which alleges that the Zune’s "Buy from FM" service violates IP owned by Dr Edward Yavitz. The good doctor claims that even though he contacted Microsoft several times regarding the infringement, his plea’s for a peaceful resolution landed of def ears.  "I got no reply whatsoever" Yavitz told

Patent trolling is considered somewhat of a nuisance in the tech industry, but you have to feel for the guy when you consider that he filed the patent in question years before there was even an iPod. "They are definitely taking notice of it now" Yavitz said. It’s likely that Microsoft’s change in heart has something to do with Windows Phone 7 Series, which is more Zune than Windows Mobile. Assuming that Dr Yavitz has a case here, this lawsuit could get mighty expensive if Microsoft’s new mobile platform actually takes off.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the suit, or its merits, but when is that ever not the case?

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