MHFU see monster Hp code working usa and eu

well its a quick vid of the monster hp code working on the eu version of the game ill upload the cheat.db file if someone wants it bad enough TO ACTIVATE THE CODE ONCE YOU ENABLE IT IS L+SELECT AT THE SAME TIME,THIS MUST BE DONE WHILE IN A QUEST lol by popular demand heres the link for the eu version and heres eu plus usa tested and working MIRROR for people who hate zshare ok i been getting to many questions on how to use these 1 you NEED custom firmware 2 if you have it and have cwcheat (an app for cfw psps) then go to the seplugins folder on your psp you should see a folder that says cwcheat 3 copy your downloaded cheat.db in there and replace the old one (NOTE THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOU OLD CHEATS FOR EVERY GAME BACK UP YOUR OLD cheat.db file first.) 4 cheat.db is a text file that holds all the cheats the .db stands for database so yes you can open it up in note pad and add more by copying and pasting 5 no i will not send you any cheats or cheated saves STOP ASKING 6 yes i play online,i use adhoc party on my ps3 which is or google it for a guide 7 my psn id is Sirbagsalot if i have room ill add you just say your from youtube 8 if you got any questions use google 9 Dont be a dumbshit and assume that people cheat i guarantee to you i dont cheat and this code is nothing more than just help.Also if you dont like cheating so much why are you looking at this video?

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