MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5 processor advert pulled

An email sent to Intel employees which appeared to show off a MacBook Pro packed with an Intel Core i5 processor, was swiftly removed and changed by the chip processor manufacturers.


The Intel Retail Edge Program promotional email had featured a contest where employees who passed the month’s training were in with the chance of bagging one of two MacBook Pros with Intel’s new processors.


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Since Apple Insider spotted the poster which can be seen here, Intel swiftly changed the contest prize to a HP Envy but kept the Intel Core i5 processor logo.


Intel apologised for what they claimed was a mistake,"In our previous communications about the January prize draw, we got the processor right, but not the computer."


Intel’s new processors which were formally shown off at CES, are Intel’s most energy-efficient, and have been rumoured to feature in the next MacBook Pro instalment. This slip-up may have let the cat out the bag a little sooner than Apple and Intel perhaps would have liked.


Link: Apple Insider


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