Mac OS X Gets Telltale Game Catalog

MacDailyNews reports that online game publisher Telltale will be joining the huge list of developers and publishers including Valve making the transition to offering their catalogs to Mac users. However, the big story here isn’t the fact that you will now get some of the great Telltale games on your Mac, although that’s obviously good news for Mac users, but rather the fact that, like other developers, they have decided to go with a multi-platform single purchase pricing scheme. This means that purchasing a single copy of any Telltale game will allow you to play it on both your PC and Mac. Those who purchased the popular PC title Sam and Max from Telltale will also have access to the Mac version through the Telltale website. Heres a statement from the company’s press release via MacDailyNews.

“Telltale’s built up an outstanding catalog of content over the years, and we’re looking forward to getting the games to this community to further enrich the increasingly growing, vibrant and technically outstanding Mac platform,” said Telltale CEO Dan Connors, in the press release. “We’re big fans of Apple’s technology and devices, and we’re looking forward to building further from here.”

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