Mac OS X 10.7 is Very Close to Release

MacLogoBack in November 2008, theappleblog had reported that Apple had been working on Mac OS X 10.7 for over a month. But  recently, macrumors has reported that the signatures of Mac OS X 10.7 are already appearing in Web logs from Apple-owned IP addresses, on its website.

Apple has not confirmed any reports for now, but there are possible chances that the early Dev release of next OS X maybe released at WWDC, to be held in June 2010.
Apple has always been known to be working on something while the development of a current product is going on. Same is the case now, with Apple most probably going to unveil iPad and iPhone OS 4.0 on the January 27th event, while it continues to develop Mac OS X to0, which maybe released in WWDC 2010.

There are not much news about what to expect in OS X 10.7, still there are not much reasons to believe that the new version will bring much updates to Mac OS X Leopard. It may very well be a last update to Leopard.

As it happens in major point releases of Mac OS X, Apple focuses more on GUI improvements. But, the last Mac OS X 10.6 was a big exception. Maybe we can expect some major improvements this time too, like the inclusion of the Marble interface.

Do you have any expectations from OS X 10.7 ? Do let us know through comments.

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