Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs 3.1.2 with custom firmware PC & MAC

Please remember to rate/comment. [Steps to Jailbreak your iPhone 3G[s] running 3.1.2 firmware] -These steps will work just the same on iPhone 3G and also the iPod touch- Just make sure you download the right custom firmware. These steps are really the easiest way to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch *If you use the wrong firmware you will get a iTunes error Ex. if you use a 3G firmware instead of a 3Gs firmware* *If your iPhone or Touch is not already jailbroken and you try to use a custom firmware, you might get the 16xx errors, so you will need a MAC at that point to do the last process or use blackra1n if you have a ligit sim because blackra1n will update your baseband, but with iPod touch it doesn’t matter**I Am not a FAN of blackra1n** lol Tools need to complete Jailbreak 1.iPhone 3Gs 2.Custom Firmware (iPhone2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Custom_Restore_NonActivated.ipsw) AT&T Subscribers . (iPhone2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Custom_Restore.ipsw) Non AT&T Subscribers Ex. T-Mobile etc. 3. iTunes 9.0.1 4. Firefox Browser [Other browsers have trouble downloading firmwares] {Phase 1} *Go to *Click on [Connect to iPhonefix FTP HighSpeed] under FTP Access. *Click on Firmware Custom System *Download your custom Firmware [Best if saved on your desktop] {Phase 2} *Open Itunes 9.0.1 *Connect your iPhone 3Gs via USB and Itunes will detect it *Press and hold Shift[PC] or Option[MAC] and click RESTORE *Go to your desktop and click on the custom firmware *iTunes will backup your device and

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