iPlayer access on PS3 and Wii up 74% in one month

Gamers have clearly caught the iPlayer bug with the console version of the online-streaming service recording an increase in users during December.


Compared to numbers recorded for November, iPlayer access via the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 throughout the festive month went up a massive 74 per cent.


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Among the more popular programmes on the iPlayer were the Doctor Who finale, Top Gear in Bolivia and radio coverage of the England V South Africa test match.


Following a record month of monthly streams for the web version of the iPlayer, figures released also showed that the iPlayer is now being accessed by one in eight people on a games console.


Currently the only consoles which can access the iPlayer (officially) are the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Sony recently improved its access to the iPlayer on the PS3, integrating an access button into the console’s XMB.


Plans for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to join the iPlayer party is currently being held up by a cost row between the Beeb and Microsoft. But if as expected the final piece in the console puzzle does go ahead, an episode of Top Gear in between gaming sessions could soon be on the rise once again.


Link: Tech Radar


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