Interesting Personality Tests Answers

Filling a testWhen one goes to a job interview, mostly in retail stores and other similar jobs, a test is often asked to be filled. The purpose of the test is to aid the filtering process of the applications in there.

My brother emailed me an interesting answer sheet for one of those tests. You should really take a look at it, there are some very interesting answers and questions.

For example, every question has four possible answers:

  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree

And only one correct answer, but according to the answer key: “Disagree” or “Agree” are NEVER the right answer to any question, even though any sensible person will have mixed feelings about all these questions.

Nevertheless, I have found several particularly interesting answers for questions I know I would have answered differently:

  • When people make mistakes, you correct them – Strongly Disagree
  • When you are annoyed with something, you say so – Strongly Disagree
  • You do not like to take orders – Strongly Disagree
  • You get mad at yourself when you make mistakes – Strongly Disagree

And some other answers that quite surprised me:

  • You are somewhat a of a thrill-seeker – Strongly Agree
  • Many people cannot be trusted – Strongly Disagree
  • You’ve done your share of troublemaking – Strongly Disagree

I found these tests to be anti-ambitious and anti-innovative. They are simply looking for strait-forward, friendly and rule obeying employees. What is your opinion?

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