HTC HD Mini review

The HTC Legend and HTC Desire handsets may well have stolen the show at Mobile World Congress in February, but there was a third phone unleashed by the prolific Taiwanese in Barcelona and, despite it’s smaller stature, should not be overlooked.


The HTC HD Mini added to the company’s collection of blockbusting blowers unleashed back in February and is, when it comes down to brass tax, the younger brother of the Windows Mobile-packing HTC HD2, which impressed at the back end of last year.


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Billed by T3 as "the only handset that can make Windows Mobile work", the HD2’s outstanding feature was the whopping 4.3-inch touchscreen screen, which somewhat overshadowed the more important matter of it being the first WinMo phone to utilise HTC’s brilliant Sense UI.


Well, the HD Mini might have parred-down the screen to a more pocket-friendly 3.2-inches, but the WinMo 6.5.3 operating system remains in place. The HTC Sense UI, first seen on the HTC Hero, also retains its place on the Mini with a few new tweaks inuding live weather effects on the homescreen.


We had but a brief few minutes to shoot the handset following HTC’s Barcelona press conference. So check out our hands-on video while we chase a full review that we’ll bring to you asap.


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