How To Unlock/Jailbreak WP7 (Windows Phone 7) & Sideload Apps

In this video i show you how to jailbreak and sideload apps to your windows phone 7 device. This procedure should work on any WP7 device and not just the HD2 Before Doing Anything You Need To Install The WP7 SDK So That Your Computer Can Connect To Your Device WP7 SDK ZUNE SOFTWARE WP7 Unlock Tools How To Install WP7 (Windows Phone 7) On Your HTC HD2 If Your Phone Keeps Re-locking Then Try This Fix WP7 HD2 Custom ROM v1.01.00 1. HD7 Theme style 2. Activated Chervon hack 3. Reduced volume level 4. Added some security policies 5. Added MMS profile 6. Added HTC section at marketplace 7. Performance and other registry tweaks 8. Changed lockscreen picture 9. Google search engine in IE 10. Other changes FOR XP USERS ONLY 1) Download the complete WP7 SDK package from the official site 2) Extract the WP7 SDK package to a folder, the file is an ISO file so you will need a program that can open ISO’s 3) Now download the XP SDK Patch 4) Extract the XP SDK Patch and copy basline.dat and XP PATCHER.bat to the same folder as the WP7 SDK. Make sure basline.dat overwrites the file already in the folder. 5) Now run XP PATCHER.bat to start the install.

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