How to See Full Forum Threads In Symbianize Without Registering or Logging-in is a Filipino forum with various topics on tech, the Internet, hardware, software and more. (though some of the info are a little bit on the greyhat area)

And like some forums, more useable details (links, tutorials, videos) are available only to registered users. But don’t fret, if you don’t want to sign-up and login to view the full contents of the forum threads, here is a simple trick or hack or whatever you want to call it. Here is a method to see full Symbianize thread contents without having the need to sign-up or log-in:

Our example thread is Ainol novo 7 advance specs pang tapat sa samsung tablet. It can be found on


1. Get your desired thread’s URL.

In this case

2. Get the thread number. In this case : 598180

3. Open a new tab and enter this URL :[INSERT THREAD NUMBER HERE].html

So for this thread, it’s

You will get into an “archived” version of the thread.

Refer back to the original thread to see where the hidden content is.

Original thread:

Archived Thread:

As you can see, the hidden links are now displayed.

The archived version of the pages are also cleaner and has minimal ads.

I think it’s worth noting that Symbianize runs on vBulletin. And this trick might work on other forums, but I’m not sure. I don’t hang around forums that much.

Well, hope this helps.

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