How to Root – Kindle Fire 6.3 & 6.3.1

In this video I will show you how to root your kindle fire that is running software version 6.3. ***NOTICE there seems to be an issue with the kindle fire utility not installing the superuser app which will finish giving you root. So what you can do to remedy this is once you have the twrp recovery, you can flash this stock rooted version of 6.3 (THIS WILL WIPE ALL UR DATA) OR you can just download this superuser.apk, and sideload it onto your kindle fire (I have a video for sideloading if you dont know how, your data will NOT be wiped) FAQs If your adb status says offline, try making a new user account on your computer, then log into that account and go through the video while on the new account. This helps with driver / software compatibility problems. If you kindle fire gets stuck at the yellow triangle or the kindle fire logo and does not boot up normally, one of the following will fix it. 1. open kindle fire utility, change the bootmode to normal 2. google and download the kindle fire unbrick tool and use that If neither of the above work, its because you need to reinstall the driver for the kindle. Open device manager, find the kindle fire, and manually install the driver, or you can try using the install driver bat from the kindle fire utility. (In the video below, I explain how to reinstall the driver) //WRITTEN GUIDE 0. DO NOT HAVE UR KINDLE PLUGGED IN TO COMPUTER! 1. download the kindle fire utility, newest

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