How to Root – Kindle Fire (6.2.1 & 6.2.2 Read Video Desc)

VVV Show More VVV USE MY NEW VIDEO FOR 6.2.2 USING BURRITOROOT3! NOTICE: Anyone on 6.2.2 trying to root, you must use BurritoRoot2 instead of the original, amazon patched it. Use the instructions below: 1. Follow the video setting up the driver, extracting the kindleADB folder to the c drive, and placing the su files into the kindleADB. 2. Download the below BurritoRoot2.bin file and place it in the kindleADB folder (just like the su files). 3. Open command prompt and navigate to the kindleADB folder as I show in the video (cd c:\kindleADB). Then copy and paste each command one at a time from the guide linked below. BurritoRoot2.bin BurritoRoot2 Guide with Commands: ============ Additional Kindle Videos ============ Want Android Market? Want Custom Recovery? Want to install CM7 (Or Any Fire ROM)? Want to Install MIUI ROM? Want to Resize Internal Storage? ============ Thanks ============ jcase donate to him here: ============ Disclaimer ============ This proccess can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I am not responsible for anything happening to your device after watching this video. ============ FAQs ============ If you are on Windows XP you extract the .android folder to…. C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\.android I need help installing the drivers or nothing shows up when I type adb

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