How to root htc hero for free. Froyo 2.2. Very EASY!

Hello guys hope u like the video! Download links: HeroRooPack: Froyo 2.2 ROM: Froyo 2.2 SpecialEdition: (ROMS UPDATED 2010/11/21) its the same speed on the roms… Step 1 — Flashing the Recovery 1. On your phone, enable USB debugging in Settings, Applications, Development 2. Open a command prompt (Search for cmd or Start, Run then type cmd.exe) 3. Type cd / then hit enter and type cd HeroRoot and hit enter 4. Now type runindos.bat and hit enter 5. Note: (If you use linux or Mac, replace adb in the zip with the correct version, and then download this shell script: and execute it as normal. Rest will be same as in windows.) 6. The script is now doing it’s stuff. You should see some text in the command prompt. 7. Your phone will reboot a couple of times and eventually reboot into recovery mode. Step 2 — Flashing a Custom ROM 1. In recovery, use the trackball to scroll down to Backup/Restore and select it. 2. Then, select Nand Backup and press home to start it. (TIP: If you need to restore at some point, Use Nand Restore) 3. When that’s done, you need to download a ROM! There are loads on XDA Developers. I recommend VillainRom 12. 4. In recovery, select USB-MS toggle and transfer the ROM you downloaded to the root of your SD Card. (ie Not in any folders) 5. When that’s done, press home in recovery to disable USB storage. 6. Then, go to Wipe in recovery and select Wipe data

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